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What to know before buying a shed or garage
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How We Build Your Shed

We pride ourselves in reaching a level of quality that only a few shed builders can match. Here are a few examples of how we have reached that level.

Building a ShedA-Frame 10x16Hi-Side Barn

#1 - Invisible Exterior Nailing: We Hammer and Caulk EVERY raised or sunken nail. Protecting your shed from Rot and Decay. NOTE: Nails that are below the surface of the siding actually void the warranty!*

#2 - No Hidden Surprises: We clip EVERY missed nail on the interior. That way your shed looks good, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

#3 - Hi-Grade Lumber: We use PREMIUM-GRADE Spruce Lumber on ALL of our Sheds.

#4 - 50 Year Warranty On Trim: We use Mira-Tech Trim (50 YEAR WARRANTY) on all of our Wood Sheds.

#5 - Lifetime Warranty on Shingles: We use Architechtual Shingles with a Life-Time Limited WARRANTY, on all of our sheds. We also have Metal Roofs available.



Here is a Step by Step Illustration, of how we build your shed


#1. Starting the Floor

Our 4x4 Skids, are Pressure Treated to withstand the Elements.



#2. Framing the Floor

Our Floors are framed with 2x4 Floor Joists. In order to hold your Lawn Mower, Tiller, Snowblower, etc., they are spaced at 16” O.C. (On Center), and for Garages, we space them at 8" O.C. After we frame the floor, we 'Square it up' (within an 1/16"), 'Straighten it', (Making sure the sides and ends are straight) and put extra bracing on both ends. The Result, is a perfectly Square Floor, which makesthe entire shed perfectly square.IMG_0844.JPG


#3. Finishing the Floor

For the Flooring, You get to choose between three High Quality Floors.

¾” T&G Water Resistant Dry-Ply Flooring (Shown In Picture)
 5/8” Pressure Treated Plywood
5/8” Plywood Flooring (Standard)



#4. Framing the Walls

Assembling the walls consist of spacing the Premium Grade 2x4s at 16” O.C. and sheeting them with 15/32” Dura-temp Plywood Siding. Using this siding gives your Storage Shed a beautiful Plywood interior.

For our Vinyl Storage Sheds, we sheet the walls with 5/16" OSB, and

Invisible Exterior Nailing: We Hammer and Caulk EVERY raised or sunken nail. Protecting your shed from Rot and Decay.

No Hidden Surprises: We clip EVERY missed nail on the interior. That way your shed looks good, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.



#5. Framing and Sheeting the Roof

To make the Rafters, we use Premium Grade 2x4's. We space them at 16” O.C. and put on the 1/2” Roof Sheathing.IMG_0881.JPG


#6. Painting

We spray not 1, but 2 Coats of High Quality Exterior Latex paint onto your shed, so it's GUARANTEED to look better, for longer.
11 Colors to choose from.
Custom Colors are also available to match your house.


Standard Colors

~Custom Colors Available~

#7. High Quality Roofing

We use Architectural Shingles with a Life-Time Warranty on all of our Standard Structures. (Painted or Galvanized Metal Roofing is also available)


Charcoal Fox Hollow Gray Hickory
Charcoal Fox Hollow Gray Hickory
Hunter Green Mission Brown Pewter Grey
Hunter Green Mission Brown Pewter Gray
Shakewood Weather Wood Williamsburg Slate
Shakewood Weather Wood Williamsburg Slate

~Custom Colors Available~

#8. Trimming It Out (Doors, Windows, Trim, etc.)

We put Mira-tech Fiber trim on all of our Wood, Sheds. This trim has a 50 Year Warranty. We also apply 2 coats of Latex paint on the trim, before we put it on the shed, and a third one after it’s on. Ensuring that it will NOT rot, or fade.



Standard Colors

Custom Colors Available

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what to know before you purchase a storage shed Purpose and Placement Space and Layout Style, Color and Add-ons Site prep and installation What to Know before you purchase a shed or garage


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