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A little about our family

Tuscarora Structures is a family owned and operated business, and has been building and shipping quality, affordable storage sheds and garages over the northeast since 1991. 

    My wife and I were raised in the heart of Lancaster County, having strong work ethics and family  values. These are being passed on to each of our children, and serve as a positive influence in the production of our structures. We moved to Isabella, Belize in 1994 and served there for 7 years. Upon return, I partnered with Henry Fisher, the founder of Tuscarora Structures, and after a few years, was able to purchase the business from him. Here at Tuscarora Structures, consistent quality construction and creating lasting customer relationships are our core values.

   Because we are smaller in size, our customers are not merely numbers on a production schedule, but valued persons who are known by name. We are also large enough to be able to buy our raw materials at competitive prices, bringing about a unique blend of quality, economy, and customer satisfaction.

Thanks and God Bless, Dave Glick

Dave and Ruthie Glick

Dave and Ruthie
Dave takes care of local deliveries while also assisting where needed with ordering lumber and helping out in the office. With years of shed delivery experience under his belt, he will manuever, twist, turn, and do whatever it takes to get your shed or garage exactly where you want it. If he is not on a delivery or studying for a message, you might find him on the front 9 at Lost Creek Golf Course. 
Ruthie is in charge of the secretary work in the business. Among other things, she is usually responsible for the incredible meal at our monthly business meeting. 

Arlin and Sara Glick

Arlin and Sara
Arlin is the Shop Manager and runs scheduling for all deliveries. He is also in charge of ordering lumber and employee management. We strive to build the highest quality sheds and garages available, and he is the man that makes that happen. He also enjoys a good round of golf, or shooting hoops with friends. 

Matt and Sarie Glick

Matt & Sarie
Matt takes care of Sales and Marketing. He is in charge of making the purchasing process as smooth and painless as possible. He enjoys playing softball, shooting hoops, and grilling on the BGE. 

Jeremy Glick

Jeremy Glick
Jeremy is currently serving a 2 year term at Light of Hope Orphanage in Mexico. He normally works in the framing end of the shop and also assists with video production. He enjoys a good game of volleyball or basketball.

Meet the rest of the team

Jason Zook

Jason Zook

Jason has been working with us for over 10 years now, and has mastered his craft! He is responsible for trimming and finishing the structures. Apart from work he enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time outdoors.

James Zook

James Zook

James has been working with us for over 2 years now, and is in charge of the framing end when Arlin is in the office. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and smoking meat in the smoker he built last year.

Lynford Kauffman

Lynford Kauffman

Lynford is the newest member of our team, and works in the framing end. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family.

Justin Zook

Justin Zook

Justin started working for us last year, and does all of the roofing. He also enjoys hunting and fishing with his brothers.

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