Designer Series Cupolas (700)

Very unique in design, and sure to add class and charm to your life.

The Designer Series Cupolas are very unique in design and are sure to add class and charm to your roof line. These cupolas are manufactured solely of a vinyl-PVC trimboard and capped with a copper roof.

How to choose your cupola size

Roof Sketch
  • Our cupolas sizes are determined by base width.

  • Extended cupola bases can be added for steeper pitch roofs.

  • Our cupolas are manufactured in 2-3 sections for ease of handling and installation.

  • Our louvered cupolas provide ventilation when needed.

  • Our windowed cupolas can be used for lighting and are removable on most models.

  • 60 inch & 72 inch cupolas are constructed with a double louver or window panel per side.

  • Custom cupola sizes and styles available upon request.

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