Estate Gazebo Series (500)

Designed for your Gazebo

The Estate-Gazebo cupolas are a shorter version of the Estate cupolas and proportionately designed for your outback gazebo. Our gazebo cupolas are crafted using either cellular pvc-vinyl or western red cedar and then capped with a copper roof.

How to choose your cupola size

Roof Sketch
  • Our cupolas sizes are determined by base width.

  • Extended cupola bases can be added for steeper pitch roofs.

  • Our cupolas are manufactured in 2-3 sections for ease of handling and installation.

  • Our louvered cupolas provide ventilation when needed.

  • Our windowed cupolas can be used for lighting and are removable on most models.

  • 60 inch & 72 inch cupolas are constructed with a double louver or window panel per side.

  • Custom cupola sizes and styles available upon request.

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