What to Know Before Purchasing a Shed

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Purpose and Placement

What is the Purpose of Your New Shed?

Most of our past customers don’t wake up one day and say “Hey! I’m going to get me a storage shed today…” Instead, they first notice they seem to be collecting a bit too much stuff. Their garage may be getting harder and harder to park the car in. They’re afraid to open the closet door because all the things crammed in it may landslide out on top of you. Whether it’s to clean out the garage or the basement, getting your own storage shed is like getting a brand new room with over 200 square feet overnight.

Lawn and Garden Equipment?
If you’re a property owner, you know first hand how much lawn and garden equipment you need to keep your curb appeal fresh. Riding mowers, push mowers, potting soil, rakes, shovels….all that needed equipment takes up space. So rather than trying to squeeze them into your garage, or down stairs in the cellar where it’s hard to get to, a Storage Shed positioned just where you want it can make your own landscaping all pleasure and no pain.

A Workshop?
The do it yourself carpenter, craft booker or sewer who truly enjoys their hobby almost always gets their money out of a storage structure when they use it as a workshop. Instead of having to keep your tools and supplies packed up and dragging them out each time you want to work on it, a storage shed used for a workshop will let you leave your supplies out so you can come and go as you please. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, right? By having a separate designated area for your workshop or hobby room, you’ll be more motivated to work on your crafts.

Your Own Private Retreat?
Rather than a costly construction project, one of our pre-made storage sheds can be a faster, more affordable way to add another room to your home. We’ve seen folks use their storage sheds as home gyms, an office, or a secret get away. By choosing the right options, you can create an exterior and an interior that won’t look or feel like a shed at all.

Are You Renting a Storage Locker?
Investing in your own storage shed can pay for itself in a matter of months. And after you stopped paying money on storage locker, then your shed is actually saving you money! And just think how simple it would be to walk a few steps to the back yard to get your treasure rather than spending gas driving 20 minutes to your local storage shed locker.

Space and Layout

How Much Space do You Need?

After you know what you’ll be using your new storage shed for, make sure you have a good idea of what you’ll be putting into it before you go shopping. Try to have an idea of how much you will be storing so you can make sure you will have enough space. The eye can play tricks on us what you “think” will fit into your new storage shed may not all get in there. To combat this, create a list of everything you’ll want to put into your new shed, and bring your list in with you when you come to our Display Lot and we can advise you on which space will meet your needs.

Square Footage Possible Storage Purposes Our Recommendation
96-120 square feet Garden Tools, Push Mower and a Snow Blower. Additional space for boxed storage may exist. 8′ x 12′ long is good for small back yards or for those who do not need a lot of storage. A riding mower would be a tight fit. The smallest structure we build is a 6′ x 8′ structure with less than 50 square feet of space.
140-180 square feet Lawn Tractor, Garden Tools, Push Mower and a Snow Blower. Additional space will be available for a small work area and boxed storage. Wall space is available for hanging tools and lawn equipment. 10′ x 16′ provides 160 square feet of space works well for nearly all of our customers. This is our most popular size and will fit most of the important items. Where you place your equipment will determine how much floor space you have to work with.
240-280 square feet Lawn Tractor and attached bagger, Garden Tools, Push Mower and a Snow Blower. Ample wall space for hanging tools and lawn equipment. Plenty of room for a full-sized workshop. 12′ x 20′ – 240 square feet is our best seller in the large shed category. If extra work space is important to you – or you want a functioning workshop – going with a larger size won’t dissapoint.
280 square feet or more Vehicles – cars, trucks, hobby tractors, ATVs, classic cars, boats, and above items. 14′ x 28′ long are the dimensions for our most popular 1 car garage model. The largest size we offer is a 24′ x 36′ 2 car garage.

Shed Secret #1 – Buyers’ Remorse In Shed Buying:
By far the most common “complaint” we get from our customers is “I should have listened to you and gone with something bigger.” There always seems to be more stuff you want to put into your new storage shed than when you originally thought. It makes sense – by the 2nd or 3rd weekend, when you really start to appreciate parking both cars in the garage again, and you get use to having a neat and orderly home because you have everything organized in your storage shed, you probably will think of other things you want to store in it.

Shed Style, Color, Add-ons

What Style Do You Like?
You’ve spent all that money and time on making your home a real show place. And depending on where you place your new storage shed, it could get just as much “curb time” as your home. Make sure not to detract from the appearance of your home and property by not paying attention to the appearance of your structure. You can select from over 11 styles to compliment it in a truly unique way.

Site Prep and Installation
Preparing the site for your new shed.Specifications for mini barns, storage sheds and pre-built garages are very important because of the water dripping from the roof eaves. In the morning when there is dew, drizzle or frost, the lower edges of the shed or barn is subject to constant moisture. Putting porous gravel 1 ft. wider then the storage shed causes the water to drip on the gravel and break up rather then splattering up against the bottom edge of the storage shed or mini barn. Also extending the gravel wider then the storage shed will keep weeds and grass from growing up against the shed which causes the storage building to age prematurely. Caution: Do not stack materials against the side of the storage shed or mini barn as this will also not allow proper air flow and will cause pre-mature aging.
  • A bed of 4 inches or more of 2-B stone, or other porous gravel is required for all sheds over 8 feet wide.
  • Gravel base is to be 2 feet larger than shed size.
    Example =10×12 shed requires 12×14 base. (See diagram below).
  • Sheds 8 feet wide or less can be set on blocks (provided by customer) but gravel base is preferred.
  • You will need approximately 3 tons of gravel per 100 square feet of shed.
    Example =12×16 shed = 192 sq. ft. x 3 tons = 5.76 tons.
  • Using a straight edge or line level, make sure gravel base is flat, not racked or twisted. The integrity of the shed depends on the Quality of the base.


We take great pride in the timely and efficient delivery of the product that you have purchased from Tuscarora Structures, Inc. and work hard to get it placed. For this reason please take into thought that all our products are delivered by truck and trailer which is restricted by its physical size and turning radius.

In addition to you ensuring the proper preparation of the site prior to delivery, we also require sufficient space in order to deliver and install your structure.

A pre-built garage that is 12 ft. wide needs at least 14 ft. of clearance for width and approximately 14 ft. height clearance. For mini barns and storage sheds we should have clearance at least 2 ft. wider than the building dimensions.

We can ship our products to almost any location in the continental United States. Please keep in mind that the delivery fee is not included in the price.

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