Purpose and Placement

What will it be used for?

What is the Purpose of Your New Shed?

Most of our past customers don’t wake up one day and say “Hey! I’m going to get me a storage shed today…” Instead, they first notice they seem to be collecting a bit too much stuff. Their garage may be getting harder and harder to park the car in. They’re afraid to open the closet door because all the things crammed in it may landslide out on top of you. Whether it’s to clean out the garage or the basement, getting your own storage shed is like getting a brand new room with over 200 square feet overnight.

Lawn and Garden Equipment?
If you’re a property owner, you know first hand how much lawn and garden equipment you need to keep your curb appeal fresh. Riding mowers, push mowers, potting soil, rakes, shovels….all that needed equipment takes up space. So rather than trying to squeeze them into your garage, or down stairs in the cellar where it’s hard to get to, a Storage Shed positioned just where you want it can make your own landscaping all pleasure and no pain.

A Workshop?
The do it yourself carpenter, craft booker or sewer who truly enjoys their hobby almost always gets their money out of a storage structure when they use it as a workshop. Instead of having to keep your tools and supplies packed up and dragging them out each time you want to work on it, a storage shed used for a workshop will let you leave your supplies out so you can come and go as you please. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, right? By having a separate designated area for your workshop or hobby room, you’ll be more motivated to work on your crafts.

Your Own Private Retreat?
Rather than a costly construction project, one of our pre-made storage sheds can be a faster, more affordable way to add another room to your home. We’ve seen folks use their storage sheds as home gyms, an office, or a secret get away. By choosing the right options, you can create an exterior and an interior that won’t look or feel like a shed at all.

Are You Renting a Storage Locker?
Investing in your own storage shed can pay for itself in a matter of months. And after you stopped paying money on storage locker, then your shed is actually saving you money! And just think how simple it would be to walk a few steps to the back yard to get your treasure rather than spending gas driving 20 minutes to your local storage shed locker.

Need extra storage space?